The Wellington region holds the national record for the most accidents caused by inattention at intersections – and a third of those accidents result in serious trauma.

The Greater Wellington Regional Council wanted to call drivers attention to the facts and instruct people to focus more around intersections. Creative needed to be attention grabbing but not distracting. The message had to hit you between the eyes and be instantly understood – with a clear directive. ‘Custom-eysed’ billboards in Wellington regional colours (black, white and yellow) are located a few metres before key intersections. They feature huge eyes coupled with that specific intersection’s actual layout to form different faces. Bus-backs and web and press ads include additional information, providing intersection accident statistics. On drive time radio, soundscapes reflect common causes of driver distraction - from ringing mobiles and text alerts, to squabbling kids to daydreaming – before an urgent voice over cuts through, snapping the driver to attention.