Often organisations have successful ingredients inside their brand identity system but need a fresh perspective to breathe new life into how that system is expressed.

After some insightful meetings with key people inside MFAT, we took a deep dive into the existing brand guidelines and interrogated each and every element. By selecting the parts of the system we would keep but re-engineer and challenging those elements that needed a new approach, we built our first iteration of the visual identity for discussion. It was vital that we worked collaboratively and that our work aligned with the new direction of the ministry. The refresh had to inspire the teams creatively but have enough practicality built in to answer the demands of busy teams around the world.

Warmer typography, a richer and defined colour palette with more consideration around image selection and treatment moves the identity forward, especially when combined with a bolder treatment of the treasured brand patterns. Stronger guidance around layouts for print and digital work, creates a far more contemporary and recognisable set of communication. As proof of concept, we tested the new system on a range of live projects.

The new set of guidelines provides very clear direction but most importantly, scope and flexibility for the internal design team to deliver strong communication and campaign pieces that are far more connected to the new direction of the ministry.