Z Energy’s integrated report for the financial year just ended sought to explain their overall performance through the lens of the key capitals used in the IR framework. The report also needed to meet the requirements of the GRI standards.
To help tell this multi-faceted story, we introduced the concept of a roadtrip to add a consistent and very New Zealand storytelling element across the whole report.


With this report, Z Energy were looking to:
  • Explain their year’s performance to investors and other stakeholders in an integrated way;
  • Introduce a powerful visual storytelling element to the report; and
  • Reinforce the company’s commitment to acting in responsible and sustainable ways that align with Z’s Stands and values.


  • The Board and Executive Team photography
  • The ‘Journey’ photography shoot
  • An online interactive PDF
  • A static pdf to be posted on the NZX website
  • A printed version of the report
  • Notice of Meeting